“This Is Us” Shared a Deleted Scene Featuring Toby and Randall and It’s Everything

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Spoiler warning ahead for those who aren’t caught up on “This Is Us!” 

If you watched “This Is Us” this week, you know that Randall and Toby took their relationship to the next level after Randall flew to be by Kate’s side as she went through her egg retrieval procedure as part of her IVF treatments.

While Kate was undergoing her procedure, Toby was supposed to provide a sperm sample so the doctor could combine it with Kate’s eggs to hopefully allow the couple to create a baby together.

The creators of “This Is Us” shared a deleted scene from this week’s episode, showing Randall and Toby having a very candid conversation.

“I don’t think I can do this with Kate going through this stressful procedure,” Toby tells Randall as he steps out of a private room where he’s supposed to give his sperm sample. “I’m in here and I’m not feeling very…sexy,” he says.

“Think of a place that makes you feel really, really relaxed,” Randall encourages him. “Where do you, Tobias, feel most relaxed?”

Toby quickly responds: “Sitting on the couch watching ‘Chopped,’ eating a frozen yogurt pop.”

Same, Toby. Same.

After Sterling K. Brown posted the video, fans quickly chimed in wondering why the scene got the ax as it showed a new, completely endearing and hilarious side to Randall and Toby’s relationship.