41 Times the Pearson Men on “This Is Us” Were The Hottest Guys on TV

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Whether you’re a die-hard fan (too soon?) of “This is Us” or you find it to be the most annoying show on television, I think we can all agree that the fellas of the show are serving some serious looks. (Yes, even POS Kevin).

First, there’s Papa Pearson: AKA, Jack. He’s suave. He has a sweet ‘stache. He looks like a bad boy but isn’t (minus the whole addiction thing). He has a heart of gold and loves his kids and his wife more than anything, and he would LITERALLY go back into a burning house just to save his daughter’s beloved pet. But, I should note, the man doesn’t know how to safely work a Crock-Pot.

Then, there’s Randall. Where do we begin with Randall Pearson? He’s like the cute nerdy kid you always had a slight crush on in school but would never admit it, but that just went through a serious glow up. Like, major. Seeing him as a husband and father only makes him more snack-a-licious.

And last but certainly not least, there’s Kevin. Sweet, troubled Kevin. He has the traditional modelesque good looks but is somewhat lacking in the decision making, personality side of things. But, alas, his good looks carry him through life and his hardships, and his good looks carry him into our hearts and souls forever.

41 Times the Pearson Men on “This Is Us” Were The Hottest Guys on TV:

(All photos from NBC/Ron Batzdorff)