Sterling K Brown Hinted That The Wedding On “This Is Us” Might Not Happen

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Sterling K Brown may be an Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG award winner, but he is also a human and secrets are hard to keep. He couldn’t help but hint at what will happen on the Season 2 finale of “This Is Us” when he was on “The Tonight Show.” It’s almost like he knows it will be one of the most powerful episodes of TV ever.

“If you don’t [cry during this episode], you don’t have a soul,” He told Jimmy Fallon. “This one’s gonna be good.

Sterling added a little teaser. “This doesn’t spoil it, but [the episode] deals with the nuptials of Kate and Toby and whether they happen or they don’t happen.”

You could hear the crowd gasp.

What does he mean “if they don’t”!? Dang it, y’all. I’m not prepared for this.

The season 2 finale airs March 18 on NBC.