Sterling K. Brown Said He Knows What Happens to Randall and How “This Is Us” Ends For Him

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As “This Is Us” gears up for its third season, the stars of the show are being asked every question imaginable about any secrets they could possibly give away. Of course, they cannot tell anybody anything, unless it’s very vague.

“Entertainment Tonight” caught up with Sterling K. Brown/Randall to discuss his season 2 ending where he was way in the future talking to his daughter Beth and saying, “it’s time to go see her.”

But, who is he talking about? “I know who I’m talking about…This is what I can tell you– the show kind of knows where it ends. Future Randall is kind of in a place that is kind of the end of the show.”

Sterling also shared, “We’ve had a little bit of a preliminary thing…I’ve heard an outline of mine. I like it. I’m pleased. I’m always pleased.”

So, we know even less than we did before.