The First Look at Season 3 of “This Is Us” is Here and We’re Already Crying

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As it goes with any TV show I become far too invested in, I’ve had a giant, big-three sized hole in my heart from missing “This Is Us.”

While season two was a complete and total heart-bender, the cast and crew have said that season three is set to be bigger and better (though we’re not quite sure how that’s possible).

Season three of “This Is Us” will officially air on Tuesday, September 25 but luckily for all of us, NBC is giving a sneak peak, first look at the new season and it’s gonna be good, y’all! From Kevin dating Beth’s sister to Kate and Toby trying for a baby, it’s sure to be filled with lots of laughs and, of course, tears. But really, would we have it any other way?