15 Hilarious Tweets About “This Is Us” Season 3 Finale


The season finale of This Is Us aired Tuesday night (April 2) and we’re left with more questions than we had before. But alas, we’ll have to wait until next season to get more of the story about the Pearson family.

So for now, we have to quit cold turkey until season 4 picks up where season 3 left off. In the meantime, we’re left with some hilarious Tweets from the season finale episode and it proves that others are just as confused as we are.

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Check out 10 hilarious Tweets About “This is Us” season finale.

1. The pasta I’m making tonight is gonna hit. Based on that sneak peak, I’ll need comfort food for

2. Everybody who thought Randall and Beth were going to break up on

3.  Nicky!! Um.. he was old when they found him. How is he still alive and looking the same?

4. Rebecca doesn’t get the respect she deserves and I’m sick of it

5. Where us Miguel ? Where is Annie ? Why is Nicky there ? I have even more questions,

6. Kevin bringing up kids again Zoe face….

7. “Hey Nicky”???? OMG I wasn’t expecting that at all!!!!

8. All of us when we learned Randall and Beth worked it out and are still together…

9. When the student becomes the teacher. Deja is officially a Pearson.

10. Wait Kevin is a dad??

11. So its not enough that your Mother just calmed your baby down but your mad at her for showing you up?

12. I’m so nervous about what the producers will throw at us in the last 10 minutes

13. On behalf of all fans, YOU NEED NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!! WE IN THIS MARRIAGE TOO!!!! I oughta get my belt.

14. This is what I saw when Kevin said “Hi” to the nurse