Tim Allen Shares “Last Man Standing” First Look Before Premiere


With only two days left until the season premiere of Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing,” Fox is sharing a first look at what’s to come for the new season.

“What we can expect, we are going to deal with changes at Outdoor Man,” Tim shares. “Eve is a year later in the Air Force Academy. Kyle and Mandy are gonna have to move out of the house, puts us in the empty nest thing.”

“There’s going to be a new Mandy,” Nancy Travis shares. “People watch the show and they see themselves in the show. And they’re entertained by this family, it’s very relatable and a lot of the stuff that this family is dealing with is stuff that other people are dealing with.”

When ABC cancelled the popular sitcom after 6 seasons, fans voiced their displeasure and they were heard by FOX network, who picked up the show for season 7.

“I would say the fan base, without any jokes, was startling. It was overwhelming,” Tim added.

“They were very vocal and very active in trying to get the show brought back,” Nancy added. “We feel like this is the fans victory, so thank you.”

“Last Man Standing” will begin it’s new season on September 28 at 8pm, airing Friday evenings on FOX.