“Total Bellas” Stars Nikki and Brie Bella Say They Are Terrified of the Coronavirus

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella frightened of coronavirus and pregnancy
Photo courtesy of Nikki Bella Instagram.

Sisters Nikki and Brie Bella should be enjoying the bliss that comes with being expectant mommies. Yet, these two have other things on their mind. And one of those things is the coronavirus.

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“I know, for Brie and I, we’re both terrified,” Nikki said during an interview on The Talk on Tuesday (March 3.) “Early in my pregnancy, I got Influenza B and I never have gotten the flu. I remember telling Brie that I’d rather break my neck again than ever get the flu. Now that this is happening, just even being pregnant, our systems are lower, we can catch things a lot easier, and I just encourage people: If you’re sick, stay at home.”

Granted, their fears just might be somewhat warranted. According to the latest reports, coronavirus has led to the deaths of 11 people in the United States. More than 130 cases of people diagnosed with the disease have been confirmed across the nation.

Hopefully, the Total Bellas stars will be able to keep their fears at bay and rather enjoy the time in which the two are pregnant at the very same time.

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“We both were definitely shocked,” Nikki explained about the timing of their pregnancies. “Being identical twins and then when you’re reality stars, there’s always this perception of, like, ‘Oh they did it for another season,’ and there’s all these rumors of IVF and all this crazy stuff. We didn’t have any of that. She finds out she’s pregnant and then two days later… I found out two days later that I was pregnant. We were so shocked.”

“I thought she was having twin feelings,” Brie added. “I’m like ‘Well, we just found out I’m pregnant, I think you’re just feeling that,’ and she’s like ‘I don’t know.'”