5 Designs from “Trading Spaces” That Were Absolutely Terrible


In the last few months since the “Trading Spaces” reboot was announced, I’ve realized that several people I know weren’t really old enough to have watched the show the first time it was on. Not only that, I don’t think I was old enough to realize how bad some of the design decisions were. Like– bad. Leading up to the launch of the new show, TLC is re-airing old episodes and showcasing just how absolutely terrible some of these re-designed rooms were. (If you still aren’t following– just think about how many times you haven’t seen people on “Fixer Upper” cry over Joanna Gaines’ design decisions.)

5 Designs from “Trading Spaces” That Are Absolutely Terrible:

Hay on the Walls

This was obviously one of the worst things to ever happen on television and my allergies kick into overdrive just thinking about it. Hildi Santo-Tomas put hay all over these living room walls and the homeowners hated it. Duh.

One of the ladies said, “I’m going to clean up straw for the rest of my life.”