“Trading Spaces” Host Paige Davis Couldn’t Care Less If People Hate Their Makeovers

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Paige Davis is coming back to TLC to host the reboot of “Trading Spaces,” and its promised to be exactly like the show we all know, love and remember.

According to People, the show reboot will feature 8 original cast members and 5 all-new faces– but it will stick to the same old format you remember: Two sets of neighbors will each be paired with a carpenter and designer to transform a single room in their neighbor’s home. The only difference now (with it being 10 years later and all) and that the budgets for renovating have increased from $1,000 to $2,000.

If you watched the original show, you know that sometimes, the makeovers do not bode well for the homeowners– and as it turns out, Paige Davis didn’t care then, and she doesn’t care now.

“So much of the time people loved it,” Davis told People. “But sometimes they hated it! You just talked them through it, listened to what they had to say, and then go, ‘Bye, Felicia.’”


Luckily, Davis says those moments were rare– but nonetheless memorable.

“We remember those episodes because they were so rare,” she said. “They stand out. It was always tears of joy and happiness. I think if it were always that they hated it, we would have never had a successful show because people wouldn’t have signed up for it. People might have liked watching it, but there wouldn’t be anybody willing to do it.”

The reboot of “Trading Spaces” will air on April 7.