The Bachelorette’s Tyler Cameron Defends Luke Parker After Brutal Men Tell All Episode

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Luke P. took a beating from the guys on Monday night’s Bachelorette episode, Men Tell All. Even Hannah Brown had a few things to say to Luke as he had to sit there and take it.

But good guy Tyler Cameron, who is one of the remaining bachelors still vying for Hannah’s love, took to Twitter to stand up for Luke and give him some credit.

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“I can’t help but have respect for anybody who goes on this show and puts themselves out there,” he shared on Twitter. “[You’re] immediately placed on the chopping block for the world to come at you. I have made a lot of jokes about Luke, myself, and other cast members on this show. They were meant to be taken light heartedly and not seriously.”

Tyler then went on to wish Luke well.

“Luke, we may not agree, nor do we have the same beliefs, but I wish you nothing but success and growth in your future and hope you achieve all that you want to achieve in this world, he continued. “No one should be condemned forever.”

Tyler may have changed his tune after sparring with Luke all season. Perhaps the severity at which the online society and Bachelor Nation have attacked Luke has given Tyler a change of heart. After all, the internet can get really nasty when they turn their ire at one person. Tyler being the good man that he is, is trying to help his fellow bachelor out.

In the end, it’s just a television show for our entertainment.

Luke appreciated Tyler’s post, that he retweeted it and responded in kind. “I want nothing but the best for you to brother! I appreciate this,” Luke replied.

Tyler continued with his defense of Luke, adding that his age might be a factor in how he acts.

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“I truly believe Luke at 30 years old would have handled things a lot differently. We mature and grow so much in our 20’s. I know I’m a different person from the kid I was at 24,” he wrote.

Now that Luke is off the show, it’s time to move on and see if Hannah actually does find love after all the craziness she and Bachelor Nation endured. And if Tyler C is not the last man standing, he should definitely be the next Bachelor. Just sayin.’