Tyler Cameron’s Temporary Production Assistant Gig With David Spade Has Him Going Shirtless [Watch]


Tyler Cameron is making the most of his fame after getting his heart broken by Hannah Brown on the latest season of the Bachelorette. The 26-year-old model got a new gig as David Spade’s production assistant for his show.

On Lights Out With David Spade, Tyler made his first appearance.

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“I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our crew. Say hello to our new P.A. (production assistant) from the Bachelorette, Tyler C.,” David said.

When asked how he liked the gig so far, Tyler was in fact enjoying it.

“It’s not bad. The pay is good, I have my own parking spot and six girls have already proposed to me.”

Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

But the problem was, that David revealed that they only had the budget for 1 P.A., so he had to get rid of one. It was between Johnny and Tyler. Let’s just say Tyler was a little less disheveled than Johnny. But nonetheless, David had to make a decision on which PA to give his rose to.

“Tyler, the last eight hours you’ve worked here have been, obviously, magical,” David explained. “I’ll cherish the time we spent together learning how the copier works, but Johnny is sort of family. Johnny the PA, will you accept the rose?”

However, David couldn’t let the show end without making one last request of Tyler before he left.

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“By the way I have a request for you to take off your shirt,” David said. Tyler didn’t miss a beat and removed his gray t-shirt just like that.

We think Tyler should appear on Lights Out With David Spade more often.