Wilkes Put His Own Spin On “Don’t Speak” And It Was Actually Pretty Good


Gwen Stefani is having a real moment. It is a multi-year moment, to be sure, but seems to be more prevalent than I have seen since her days with No Doubt. So it’s no surprise that a contestant on “The Voice” would pick her 90’s hit “Don’t Speak” to sing in front of her beau Blake Shelton. What was surprising was how good it was.

WILKES (yeah, it’s all caps, deal with it) put his own moody twist on the forlorn song that worked really well. While his vocals didn’t stack up against everyone else’s, he proved himself to be a real dark horse in the competition.

And let’s take a moment to talk about the save at the end of the song. The dude’s microphone dropped and he got down on one knee to finish the song. It was impressive, to say the least.