Valerie Harper’s Husband Tony Cacciotti Refuses to Put the Beloved Actress in Hospice Care


It was 2009 when fans received news that the legendary actress Valerie Harper was battling lung cancer and then in 2013, it was revealed that she was also battling a rare brain cancer.

And now, all of these years later, those concurrent battles continue.

And the decisions regarding her healthcare are getting more and more difficult.

“I have been told by doctors to put Val in Hospice care and I can’t [because of our 40 years of shared commitment to each other] and I won’t because of the amazing good deeds she has graced us with while she’s been here on earth,” Harper’s husband Tony Cacciotti wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday (July 23.) “We will continue going forward as long as the powers above allow us, I will do my very best in making Val as comfortable as possible.”

He continued, “For those of you who have been in this position, you will totally understand that “it’s hard letting go.” So as long as I’m able and capable, I’ll be where I belong right beside her. Many, many thanks for your outpouring of kindness and support.”

Just last week, fans received heartbreaking details about the current state of Harper’s health and the financial strain it is obviously putting on the family.

“Valerie (Harper) is currently taking a multitude of medications and chemotherapy drugs as well as going through extreme physical and painful challenges now with around the clock, 24/7 care immediately needed, which is not covered by insurance,” a message on a GoFundMe page specifically set up to help with the ongoing costs of her cancer treatments read.

“This is just part of the daily cost that is without a doubt a financial burden that could never be met alone,” the message went on to say. “This GoFundMe initiative from (Harper’s husband) Tony (Cacciotti), is to ensure she receives the best care possible.”

Fans will best remember Harper thanks to her time playing the character of Rhoda Morgenstern on The Mary Tyler Moore Show back in the seventies. Through the years, the actress went on to star and have much-talked-about roles in a number of shows including Rhoda, The Hogan Family, The Office and The Simpsons.