We Finally Know Why Colton Underwood Jumped The Fence on “The Bachelor” [Spoiler]


It was the jump heard round the world. The episode that “The Bachelor” has been teasing all season, finally aired on Monday night (March 4). Colton Underwood jumped the fence and now we know why. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

If you haven’t been following the addicting reality series, Colton Underwood, the bachelor, had narrowed the field of 25 women down to his final 3 ladies. It was now time for the fantasy suite dates. We all know what that means. But Colton is the virgin bachelor so it might not means what we think it does.

On Monday night, we watched as Colton went on his first fantasy suite date with Tayshia. The two spent time together in Portugal on a romantic helicopter ride and ended the night in the fantasy suite. In the TMI category , Tayshia shared the next morning that she and Colton did not do the deed, leaving him still a virgin. Something he and the show cannot stop mentioning. We get it.

Next up, was the fantasy date with Cassie. Cassie has been a front runner for Colton for a few weeks, we could all see it. Even though he was warned by the other ladies in the house that Cassie was not there for the right reasons and was not ready, Colton still chose the 23-year-old and let his heart fall in love.

Cut to fantasy suite date, after Colton informed Cassie that her father did not give his blessing for them to get married, earlier in the day. This threw Cassie for a loop and just so happened to get a surprise visit from her dad in Portugal.  Dad emphasized that he didn’t think Cassie was in love. Apparently, he was right. Or so Cassie believe he was.

Following her talk with dad, Cassie was in the midst of her fantasy suite date with Colton and informed him that she was confused and didn’t know if she could get to feeling about him the way he felt about her.

“I don’t want to see you leave here not having what you came here for,” Cassie told him. “I want you to have what you want to. I love you so much, so much. But I couldn’t, after today—I’m not like IN love. You know what I mean?”

Yes, we do, Cassie. But we don’t think Colton does.

“Can I ask you something? Were you planning on leaving tonight,” Colton asked.

“Mm-Hmm. Not because I don’t care about you so much. Because I don’t know if I could get there. I wonder if I would’ve been sure by now, I don’t know. I hate that I don’t know. I just wish that I knew.”

Even though Cassie was so ready to say goodbye, Colton did not want her to go. And so the whole breakup was dragged out for television as the couple went back an forth, obviously on two different pages. And as two other girls wait in the wings for him, Colton completely broke “The Bachelor” protocol by telling Cassie the she was going to be the one. Uh-Oh.

“I want a future with you and I’m telling you right now, at the end of this I want it to be you,” Colton said. “I want to be with you. I love you.” No he didn’t.

As much as Colton gave Cassie every opportunity to stay, saying he’d be patient and he’d wait, that they didn’t have to get engaged, she wasn’t having it. Cassie had her mind set on leaving the show and she did just that. And that, ladies and gentlemen, sent Colton over the edge and led us right to the scene we’ve all been waiting for—Colton was so upset that he jumped the fence and tried to escape the show.

That move sent host Chris Harrison and the production crew into a mad scramble to find Colton. But that’s when the words “…to be continued” flashed across the screen and bachelor nation went into a frenzy. Will he come back? Will Cassie come back? Now who will he pick? Is Hannah G still waiting for her fantasy suite date?

We’ll just have to wait until next week to see how it all plays out, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be any more intense than the latest episode. We wish Colton the best of luck.