Will Smith Raps ‘Friend Like Me’ Ahead of Live-Action “Aladdin” Debut [Watch]


In case you missed it, not only did Disney make a live-action remake of Aladdin, they cast Will Smith as the genie—and to say we’re excited would be a major understatement.

During a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith discussed the upcoming film, which is set to debut at the end of May.

However, the star did a little more than just promote the movie— he put on a quick rap performance. QuestLove put on the beat, and Will came in with a smooth version of the beloved film’s hit, “Friend Like Me,” giving us just a taste of what we can expect from the movie.

Will admitted that when he was first presented with the idea of playing the genie, he immediately turned It down.

“Robin Williams smashed that role, you know?” he told Jimmy. “When you look at things like that you always try to find ‘What would you do differently? What would you add to that?’ So I looked at It and the first thing was I didn’t feel like I wanted to touch It.”

Obviously, the actor got over his first doubts about the project, but his hesitation is understandable as Robin Williams had a perfect version of the genie. Will’s portrayal will just be a different take on the character.

You can catch “Aladdin” in theaters on May 24.