Witness the 21-Year-Old That Got ‘AGT’ Judge Howie Mandel to Hit His Golden Buzzer


There are people in this life that are just destined to do something special. And yes, America’s Got Talent contestant Joseph Allen just might be one of those people. Because from the moment he stepped out on the stage to audition Monday (June 3,) it was evident that he was about to bring something to this show that viewers might not have witnessed before.

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And that was pure positivity and enthusiasm.

“I see myself as someone who can make a major impact on the world and I want to see how much of a footprint I can leave on Earth before I leave,” Allen told judge Simon Cowell before performing an original song for the judges.

One of those judges was Howie Mandel.

“You said you would leave a footprint,” Mandel told Allen as he stepped onto the judge’s table, much to the delight of fellow judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough. “Well, I will give you the footprint you need.”

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He then hit the golden buzzer, which confirmed that Allen would go directly to the live shows. And no matter how far he ends up going in the show, there is one thing for sure.

We have a feeling he has already made a difference.