Questions Arise Following Tragic Death of Former WWE Star Ashley Massaro

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As WWE fans continue to wrestle with the recent death of Ashley Massaro, details are surfacing about what in fact caused her untimely passing.

On Tuesday (May 21,) TMZ reported that the 39-year-old hung herself in an apparent suicide in her New York home last Thursday (May 16.) Also on Tuesday (May 21,) People reported that Massaro’s legal team is claiming that the former wrestler and Survivor contestant may have been suffering with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE,) which is a degenerative brain disease often connected to head trauma.

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Because of this, further reports claim that Massaro’s brain will be donated to Dr. Bennet Omalu, an accomplished doctor known for his research regarding brain injuries, to determine if she was in fact battling the affects of CTE.

“It was Ashley’s wishes to donate her brain,” her lawyer Konstantine Kyros tells the New York Post.

However, her family doesn’t sound too keen on the donation.

“They were a little upset about it,” Kyros told the newspaper.

Massaro was in fact part of a group of wrestlers that joined together back in 2016 to sue the WWE, claiming that they had all suffered neurological injuries in the ring during their time with the entertainment company.

We continue to pray for all those mourning Massaro’s death, and we hope that answers regarding her tragic death are just around the corner.