Zac Brown Serenades Bride and Groom on John Krasinski’s SGN


We’re starting to see some of the good that is coming out of this global pandemic. And one thing that rises to the top in every conversation is John Krasinski’s YouTube show, Some Good News. With every episode, he bests himself, and in his most recent installment, he enlisted the help of Zac Brown to help a couple tie the knot.

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After his headline stories and a check of the weather, with guest “meteorologist,” actress Emma Stone, John moved to his featured segment — Love in the Time of Quarantine — which included a proposal inspired by The Office’s Pam and Jim (played by John).

Speaking with the newly engaged couple, Susan and John, Krasinski congratulated the super fans of The Office who had invited him to attend the wedding when they shared the big news on Twitter. John agreed, but only under the condition they would tie the knot right then and there.

With that, he produced a certificate of ordination so he could conduct the ceremony. He also opened the video conference up to Susan and John’s parents and their best friends to act as witnesses. However, Krasinski had another idea when it came to maid of honor. And with that, Jenna Fisher, who played Pam, appeared on the screen.

Of course, what walk down the aisle would be complete with out music. Cue Zac Brown singing a newly penned song perfect for the occasion – “The Man Who Loved You Most.” After the bride and many of the virtual guests, including John and Jenna, dried their tears, John officiated a somewhat traditional ceremony.

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Following the kiss, the bride and groom traditionally take that celebratory stroll back down the aisle, but in this case, in lieu of both an aisle and a stroll, John opened up the video call to his castmates from The Office who tied on their boogie shoes…or tissue boxes.

In the world of wedding videos, we may now have a new gold standard.

Congratulations Susan and John!