Keith Urban’s Duet Partner Julia Michaels Shares Her Secret for Writing Breakup Songs with A-List Stars

Julia Michaels Keith Urban Coming home songwriting

Long before Julia Michaels was sharing stages and writing rooms with Keith Urban, the 24-year-old Grammy-nominated singer was working with some of the biggest pop stars in the business. The singer-songwriter has shared writing credit on Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Selena Gomez’s “Sober,” and Shawn Mendes’ “Like To Be You,” among others. In an interview with … Read more

Julia Roberts Joins Instagram with a Simple Post— “Hello”

Julia Roberts interview

In the age of social media,  you would think that all celebrities would have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to support their work. However, there are still some famous folks holding out us. One of those celebs was Julia Roberts —but no longer. The “Pretty Woman” actress has given in and joined the 600 million … Read more

Ex-NFL Kicker’s Prom Joke Left Some Laughing And Others Angry

Jay Feeley, a former NFL Pro-Bowl kicker, sparked a conversation about gun safety and traditional roles when he posted a photo from his daughter’s prom. In the picture, Feeley stood in between his daughter and her date, her boyfriend of over a year, while holding a pistol. Some have said the joke was reckless, while … Read more

People Shared The Weird Things Their Families Do And, Yeah, We’re All A Little Strange

Every family has little idiosyncrasies that they think are completely normal. It usually takes the kids moving away from home to realize that keeping the tape in the fridge or taking a full-on bath every day is a bit odd. Twitter user Georgia Hardshark (real name, very great), asked her followers what was the oddest thing … Read more

Kristen Bell’s Kid Brought Anal Worms Into the House Again, So She Has a Very Special Announcement for Everyone

It doesn’t matter how rich and how famous you are, if you have a kid or kids, there’s a good chance that those kids are just as gross and disgusting as every other kid in the world. If you don’t think that’s possible– ask Kristen Bell about her kids. A couple of weeks ago, Kristen … Read more

Maren Morris Reveals Sadness After Nashville Mayor Resigns

Maren Morris isn’t holding back her feelings after Nashville’s Mayor, Megan Barry, was forced to resign from office Tuesday (March 6). The singer took to Twitter to relay her feelings. Although conflicted by the issue, Maren revealed that the Mayor helped her through tough time she had with a stalker. “I get why it had … Read more

Former “Bachelor” Ben Higgins Says Arie Luyendyk Jr. Should’ve Broken Off Engagement Off-Camera

Ben Higgins is no stranger to media scrutiny when it comes to his final two relationships on “The Bachelor.” After all, he was the first guy to not just break the “I love you” rule, but to break it with two women, multiple times. All of that aside, Ben is not Arie Luyendyk Jr. and … Read more

Jake Owen Now Lives in a 400-Square-Foot Tiny Home and He Loves It

The tiny house craze has seemed to take over the United States over the last few years. More and more people are ditching their material possessions and ample amounts of space for tiny homes that contain the bare necessities– and now Jake Owen is one of them. Owen went on the Bobby Bones Show and … Read more

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock Had a Random “Practical Magic” Reunion Before the Oscars and People Loved It

Twenty years ago, Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock were the toast of Hollywood and practically BFFs as they played sisters Sally and Gillian Owens in “Practical Magic.” As Sandra was finishing up her red carpet interview before heading into the Oscars, Nicole wandered over and then, magic happened. When Sandra realized what was happening she … Read more

Tyler Hubbard is Officially the Coolest Dad in Nashville After Showing How He Takes Daughter Olivia Rose For a Walk

Tyler Hubbard is just a few months into this whole dad thing, but he seems to be on the right path. So far, we know Tyler is super on-hands and changing diapers, cleaning bottles, tasting breast milk and singing baby Olivia Rose to sleep, but there’s more! Yes, Tyler has now become the coolest dad … Read more

Allison Janney Had the Greatest Oscars Acceptance Speech of All-Time

If you aren’t a fan of Allison Janney, you probably haven’t watched “The West Wing,” Or you know, a dozen other films or TV shows Janney has starred in. She’s truly one of the best and most-liked actresses of her time. Throughout her storied career, Janney has won a BAFTA, SAG, EMMY and Golden Globe. … Read more

Kobe Bryant Is The First NBA Player To Win An Oscar And Might Have Been More Surprised Than Anyone

  One of the most unlikely Oscar winners at the 90th Academy Awards had a difficult time believing he was onstage accepting the coveted award. NBA superstar Kobe Bryant won the Oscar for Best Animated Short for his love letter, “Dear Basketball.” Bryant is the first NBA player in history to win an Academy Award, … Read more