10 Manliest Men in Country Music

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Just because an artist wears a muscle shirt and sings a few country music songs doesn’t equal to years of sewing his true manly oats. Luckily there are a few country music artists that can truly carry on the proud tradition of being a man.

10 Manliest Men in Country Music:  

10. Craig Morgan

Not only is he a country music sensation, he is also a high-octane diehard outdoorsman,  an army veteran, and, if those weren’t enough, he is the current host of “Craig Morgan’s All Access Outdoors” and “Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge.” Throw in his after-hours hobby as a motocross race and you’ve got one manly man.

9. Clint Eastwood

Did you know that in the early 60s, Eastwood released a country album titled Sings Cowboy Favorites to capitalize on his TV show “Rawhide?  He also recorded a number one hit, “Bar Room Buddies,” with Willie Nelson in 1980.  Couple those facts, along with everything else that is Clint Eastwood, yes, he is one of the manliest men of country music.

8. Kris Kristofferson

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — and he had over 450 different artists cover his songs.  Besides, he once landed a helicopter on Johnny Cash’s lawn just to give him a demo to listen to. Just think about that.  

7. George Jones

From rags to riches, back to rags, and eventually from rehabilitation to redemption — he was a man that faced demons more fierce than any one could imagine. His life’s story embodies the themes of a country song better than anyone.

6. Waylon Jennings

Waylon kicked ass right to the end, and ruled the roost right every minute of the way.  Throughout his career, he remained an honest artist fighting to record the music inside him.

5. Aaron Tippin

The man is both a certified power plant mechanic and an airframe mechanic, along with airplane and helicopter licenses.  His mustache alone would make this list.

4. Trace Adkins

He has weathered a hurricane while working on an offshore oil rig, has nearly died in two car accidents (where he severed his nose in one of them), to being shot point blank in the chest by his ex-wife. Trace Adkins doesn’t just sing country songs — he lives them.

3. Willie Nelson

Lots of wisdom can be gleaned about life from simply studying the life of Willie Nelson. He grew up during The Depression, had a rough youth, battled through financial problems for years, struck it rich, and reformed himself from his violent ways to become one of the world’s most well-known advocates for social justice.


2. Merle Haggard

Of all the men that have encompassed country music, The Hag’s story might be the most emblematic of the American experience — he was born in a boxcar in California during The Depression, spent nearly a decade of his young-adult life in and out of prison, to becoming a-rags-to-riches real life music success. And while is legacy is often overshadowed by his peers like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash (see below), when it comes to influencing country music, he is a quintessential symbol of manliness.

1. Johnny Cash

He is the standard all men in country music hold themselves to. And why shouldn’t they?  He was prone to singing songs about Jesus and love, mixed in with drugs and heartache, while in front of prison crowds that was a mixture of convicted killers and rapists. What’s that you say? Man? Absolutely.

On this day in 1994 The Highwaymen played at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas; the last leg of their successful tour.

Posted by The Johnny Cash Museum on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Notable others:

Chris Stapleton, Ryan Bingham, Kix Brooks, Guy Clark, George Strait, Jamey Johnson, Marty Stuart, Hank Williams III, Alan Jackson

Image Source: PR Photos