112-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Her Birthday With a Beer, Shares Tips For Longevity

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Lucy Trecasse is the eighth oldest living person in the United States at 112 years old. This year, she celebrated with her friends and family at the Lund Care Center in Cabot, Pennsylvania, where she spends the majority of her time knitting, sewing or playing bingo– and every once in a while, she still cracks open a beer like she did in honor of her 112th birthday.

“My dad gave me a taste of beer when I was a kid, he just gave me a taste and I liked it,” she told People. In fact, her family even brewed beer to sell to friends during the prohibition.

She was born in Foxburg, Pennsylvania in 1905, the year former President Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated.– and the life expectancy for women at the time was 50 years.

“There were no automobiles then. We had nothing, just a horse and wagon,” she said. “People came around at 4:00 and lit the lanterns on the street corners. Lamps were all we had to see by and do our homework, no electricity. It was difficult, but I survived!”

Lund Care Center

She was one of the only people from her high school class to get a job right of of school, working as a secretary at Standard Steel Car Company. She then married her husband, Joseph, a doctor and Word War I veteran, in 1928, after meeting him at a party.

“He asked my girlfriend how old I was—he thought I wasn’t old enough to party! He finally got up nerve enough to ask me to a date,” she said. “He said he was off on Wednesday afternoon and that he was free to take me on a ride in the country. I think he had an automobile, one of the few.” The two were married for 52 years until he passed away in 1980.

At 112, Lucy is still sharp and witty– and apparently she can even stay the alphabet backwards.

“I started when I was 4 years old, my dad made me and my brother say it backward,” she recalls. “He was our teacher. He made us learn it backward and forwards.”

Basically, Lucy is #lifegoals. Oh, and her two tips for a long life?

“I did not smoke,” and “we drank milk.”

Easy enough, Lucy!