17 Beauty Tips Southern Girls Learn From Their Mamas

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If there is one thing we know about the South, it is that Southern mamas are highly involved in training up their daughters. This shouldn’t be confused with helicopter parenting as these well-meaning moms are simply passing down tips and traditions. Ask any Southern girl and she’ll rattle off a list a mile long of the things her mom has taught her along the way.

Southern women learn from a very young age to take care of themselves with mama sharing the beauty tips that were passed down to her from her mama. Just as any respectable Southern girl recognizes the importance of maintaining her Southern charm, she also knows the importance of maintaining her appearance. In fact, if raised according to Southern standards, a Southern girl would rarely leave the house looking anything less than presentable.

Let’s take a look at some of these tried-and-true beauty tips:

1. Stay out of the sun and the tanning bed. Skin that looks like tanned leather is not attractive.

2. Don’t smoke or drink. These suck the moisture right out of your skin leaving it less than attractive.

3. A spritz of hairspray will keep your makeup from melting if you are going to be outside all day. (Seriously? Moms tell their daughters this?)

4. Learn how to do a perfect red lip. We have to agree with mom on this one!

5. SPF everyday. No exceptions. And don’t forget your hands.

6. Blotting papers are a discreet way to keep oily skin at bay.

7. Take your makeup off every single night.

8. Vaseline. Use it as a lip hydrator, an eye-makeup remover and even a heavy moisturizer in winter. No wonder they recommend blotting papers!

9. Don’t forget your eyebrows. No good Southern girl leaves her eye brows unkempt. Take that Cara Delevingne!

10. Moisturize after showering. You don’t want stretch marks, do you?

11. Shave. Your. Legs. Even in winter. You never know when you might get in an accident.

12. A girl needs a signature fragrance. Wear it everyday, even if it’s just for yourself.

13. Learn how to fake a smile that doesn’t look fake. There are so many days this tip will come in handy!

14. Nothing pulls a look together better than red lipstick, a strand of pearls and mascara.

15. Lemon juice will clear up pimples. Really? We are going to have to try this one!

16. You better have a great relationship with your hairdresser. Never know when you may need a life-saving blowout.

17. Get to know a plastic surgeon, bonus if you marry him!