22 Confessions from People Who are Obsessed with Sam Hunt

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Country music breakout star Sam Hunt is one talented guy. In 2015, he won Best New Artist at the American Music Awards, released an acoustic album Between The Pines and was nominated for a Grammy — damn.

But not only is the 31-year-old singer/songwriter incredibly talented, he’s also super cute, super kind and has a killer sense of style. Basically, Sam has all the girls swooning and because of that, he has collected some pretty obsessed fans over the years.

Really, though, we can’t blame them — we’ve all been there.

22 Confessions from People Who are Obsessed with Sam Hunt:

1. When a simple math equation sums up your Sam love.

2. When there are no words.

3. When Sam songs are your life’s anthem.

4. When one basic statement sums up your love for Sam.

Simple and true.

5. When Sam’s mad talent blows your mind.

6. When you just can’t get enough. Ever.

7. When all you really want is Sam’s sweet voice to sing you to sleep.



8. When touching Sam’s abs makes your life.

9. When you love Sam for his looks and his personality.

10. When your only emotion toward Sam is heart-eye emojis.

11. When all you want for Christmas (or any holiday) is Sam.

12. When you sing Sam songs everywhere.

13. When you want to spend the rest of your life with Sam.

True love.

14. When you publicly proclaim your love for Sam.

15. When you can’t deny your love for Sam.

16. When you’re Sam-obsessed.

17. When this.

18. When your life is consumed with Sam.

19. When you’ll forever be obsessed with Sam.

20. When you love your obsession with Sam.

21. When Sam makes you cry.

Like, in a good way?

22. When Sam is always applicable to your life.

Image Source: CMA, Twitter