35 Manly Hobbies

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By manly hobby, I mean any activity, which is rooted in tradition, and can help him achieve manliness.

Hobbies can bring joy (as well as pain), expand creativity, sharpen one’s wits, teach valuable life skills, and help meet people you might never have known otherwise. Most importantly, hobbies provide men with a substance and an experience that they can show the world.

Here are 35 hobbies any man would do well to consider. All passionate hobbies are manly.

35 Manly Hobbies:

1. Distilling

How awesome would it be if you could distill your own personal whisky or bourbon? Unfortunately, federal law prohibits the making of one’s own spirits, but that doesn’t make it any less intriguing.

2. Beer Making / Home Brewing

Name something manlier than being able to produce your own beer at home. And unlike distilling, it’s completely legal.

3. Chess

Why not learn a game that can actually make you smarter, expand your memory, and improve abstract reasoning and problem-solving skills?

4. Pool / Billiards

Learning billiards requires a simple understanding of physics — it’s simply force, spin, inertia, and interference. Master these and you’ll be the Einstein of the pool table.

5. Reading

Reading is a classic hobby. It cannot be stressed enough how vital it is for every man to be well-read. Go beyond the simple magazine articles and online posts (just as this) and rediscover the novel and some serious non-fiction literature.

6. Writing

It’s probably the most worthwhile, and humbling, activities a man can undertake. Simply put, it will teach you how to craft a narrative, be more interesting, and — most importantly how to properly communicate.

7. Playing a Musical Instrument

Learning a musical instrument can be a lot of fun and, with lots of practice, can be very rewarding. Studies have shown the benefits of playing a musical instrument includes: reduced symptoms of depression, increases in mood levels, and reduction in stress.

8. Woodworking

There are few manlier things than shaping wood. It combines the manliness of working with your hands and the ability to produce a finished product that can be seen as both functional and artistic. How manly is it if you can turn a tree into a chair?

9. Metalworking

It has all the benefits of woodworking, except instead of the smell of sawdust, you get burning metal.

10. Leatherwork

What better way to learn a crafty hobby while getting in touch with your inner-cowboy? Wallets, belts, saddles, and gun holsters are just a few things that you can tinker with.

11. Marksmanship / Shooting

Once you learn the basics, you have access to a wide range of shooting types — skeet, long range, hunting, and trap shooting.

12. Archery

One of the most primitive of weapons, archery is a quiet, repetitive and focused activity that can help settle the mind and help improve your concentration skills.

13. Hunting / Fishing

Both are considered a sport as well as a great way to be outdoors.

14. Hiking

Name a better way to relax, stay in shape, be outside, get in touch with nature, and rejuvenate your manly spirit.

15. Camping / Backpacking

For your physical and mental well-being, every man needs to spend the night in the woods every now and again and connect with nature.

16. Photography

If you lack the painter’s touch, and want to pick up an art form, try photography. With today’s digital cameras options, photography as a hobby is more popular than ever.

17. Adventure Sports

I’m not talking about a pick-up basketball at your local gym; I’m talking about an adventurous activity that pits man versus the natural world (i.e. rock climbing, scuba diving, whitewater kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, mountaineering, mountain biking, et. al). People admire men who know how to challenge themselves with a grueling personal conquest.

18. Ballroom Dancing

Say what you want, but ballroom dancing is entertaining, active, and social. It can help increase your poise and posture — not to mention it can do wonders for your self-confidence. What woman doesn’t admire a man who can dance?

19. Classic Car Restoration

Restoring a broken down, rusty clunker is a labor of love, sweat, and more sweat. It takes time and dedication. Just remember — a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

20. Traveling

Traveling helps to expand your horizons by enhancing your understanding of the world and ability to identify with people who are culturally different. If you have the means, I can’t recommend traveling enough.

21. Learning a Foreign Language

Did you know that learning a foreign language improves memory as well as your ability to multi-task? Je le recommande, s’il vous plaît.

22. Card Playing

Everything from spades to hearts to cribbage to seven-card stud– men love to play cards.

23. Landscaping / Gardening

Any self-reliant man wants to cultivate the land for his own needs. And you don’t need 40 acres to get in touch with the land. A small square in your backyard will suffice.

24. Martial Arts / Boxing

A great way to get a full-body workout that is mentally stimulating. And while every man should always try and avoid a fight, if for some reason you can’t, you’ll be able to defend yourself and kick a little ass.

25. Bowling

What do the Dude, Uncle Buck, Ralph Kramden, Fred Simpson, and Homer Simpson have in common? They were all bowlers.

26. Golf

A rewarding, addicting and gloriously frustrating sport.

27. Cooking / Grilling

Being able to feed yourself should be ingrained into every man’s mantra. It’s fun, easy, and instantly rewarding.

28. Flying

Name something manlier than being able to conquer the skies like superman?

29. Astronomy

Two words: Carl Sagan. That’s all you need to know.

30. Model Building / Crafting

A relatively inexpensive hobby that helps you focus on the details.

31. Alcohol/Cigar/Pipe Smoking Connoisseur

Why not become a true expert on things like bourbon, whiskey, scotch, beer, wine, cigars or pipe tobacco. Pick you poison and easily learn to understand the subtleties that make each brand, each vintage, and each label unique. Not only can this heighten the pleasure of consuming such things, it can also introduce you to people with similar interests and make new, desirable friends.

32. Running

All you need are a pair of legs and a decent pair of running shoes. Once you experience a runner high, there is no going back.

33. Drawing / Painting

Believe it or not, Winston Churchill was an avid painter. He understood the importance of having a creative outlet. To help him from depression, he would paint in his indoor studio or garden, while smoking his cigar.

34. Sailing

Large or small boats, it’s a great activity for men of all ages.

35. Collecting

Take man’s tendency of obsession, couple it with his primitive desire for hunting, and there you have a man’s love for collecting things. Rocks, coins, comic books, stamps, antiques, Japanese erasers — anything can be a part of a collection.