5 Rude Beauty Habits Every Woman Should Avoid


You know how we feel about beauty. We love it and everything that goes along with it. But sometimes, a girl can get downright rude with their beautification processes. Ladies, there are things you do to pretty up that the rest of the world just doesn’t need to see. Or smell. Or hear.

5 Rude Beauty Habits Every Woman Should Avoid:

1. Overdoing the Perfume

We get it. We know you want to smell great but when you overdo it for the office or before heading to your doctor appointment, it’s just sensory overkill for most people. Save the perfume for special occasions (and even then, don’t overdo it!)

2. The Lip Smack

We totally understand — a fresh layer of your favorite lip gloss or lipstick is super satisfying. But if you press your lips together and make that loud smack — you are signaling to the world that you really are a 15-year-old girl.

3. Makeup Application in Public

There is nothing worse than the girl who puts her makeup on in the bathroom at work every single day. First of all, do you really want your boss to see you with your face stretched out while applying mascara? And second — it makes everyone think you cannot get yourself out of bed in time in the morning. Don’t even get us started on the mess it leaves behind. Plucked eyebrow hairs and facial powder falling everywhere are not exactly sanitary.

4. Public Nail Clipping

Seriously. We’ve witnessed women doing this and honestly can’t think of anything worse. That’s all we have to say about this.

5. Hair Brushing

As if it isn’t bad enough picking your own hair off your sweaters, imagine the person brushing or combing their hair in public. Nobody wants someone else’s hair on them. Yuck.

We hope you don’t have any of these habits. And if you do, well, it’s time to break them.

Image Source: Country Outfitter