5 Sad-Ass Country Music Songs

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Sad-ass, though much like sad, is very different. Worse even.

A lot of country music songs these days are about a party– having a good time, letting the night roll. Lyrics are carefree and fun. This is quite the evolution from country music years ago. Almost every song on the radio was about something sad– drinking the bad way, death, and real heartache.

These are the 5 most sad-ass country music songs of all-time:


Reba McEntire // “She Thinks His Name Was John”

Sadness is: not being able to recount all of the men you’ve been with over the years.

Sadness resonates when: you finally remember one of the guy’s names and learn he died of AIDS.

Guy Clark // “Queenie’s Song”

Sadness is: finding out your dog has been shot.

Sadness resonates when:  you bury the dog on New Year’s day and plan your revenge on the shooter.

George Jones // “I Just Don’t Give a Damn”

Sadness is: trying to change for the one you love.

Sadness resonates when: you just don’t give a damn.

Dolly Parton // “Down From Dover”

Sadness is: getting pregnant and being abandoned.

Sadness resonates when: you deliver the baby alone.

The Judds // “Mr. Pain”

Sadness is: meeting a fine-looking man at the club and have him leave you in Mexico.

Sadness resonates when: the only company you have is the pain you feel from the cowboy’s departure.

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