6 Worst Concert Behaviors


As the weather warms up and concert (and festival) season heats up, it’s important to know if you are a good concert goer or a bad concert goer. Do you make the experience bearable for your loved ones or embarrass everyone within a 10-mile radius?

6 Worst Concert Behaviors:

1. The Photographer Who Only Brought An iPhone

Oh, I know– if you don’t post it to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, how will anyone know how cool you are attending a concert on a Tuesday? Take some photos, remember the evening, but are you working for National Geographic now? Is your smart phone that much smarter than everyone else’s and you can actually get a good shot of Luke Bryan from 300 yards away? Put the phone down and enjoy the show.

2. Drinking More Than Your Fair Share of Overpriced Beer

Are you at a frat party or a concert with other hard-working adults? Keep it together. While we’re at it, you shouldn’t buy those giant glasses of rainbow infused tequila. You look ridiculous walking around with a 2-foot tall plastic tube.

3. Talking Through the Entire Show

Lately, I’ve actually been to a few shows alone and it was kind of nice to be able to just listen. Concerts are about music, they are not therapy sessions.

4. Invading Others’ Space

This even means being a pusher. If you’re at a show that is general admission, first-come, first-serve– get there first. Don’t arrive after a set has started and push your way to the front. You are not Moses.

5. Invading Others’ Space Part II

Watch where you’re dancing! By all means, enjoy yourself, but if you are whipping your hair back-and-forth into someone else’s face, you’re officially ruining somebody’s life. Not just their night– their life.

6. Sing Along, But Within Reason

Can everyone in your section hear you over Keith Urban’s guitar? Too loud. You’re too loud.

Most of all– remember to enjoy the show, but also that thousands of others paid to enjoy the same show.

Be chill.