8 Kind Of Bizarre Hotels You Can Actually Stay At If You’re Tired of Basic Hotels


Most hotels are pretty cut-and-dry. Whether you stay at a Hilton or a Comfort Inn, you know that you can expect a bed, a bathroom, and 4 walls.

If you’re tired of basic hotels, then you might just need to make a special trip to stay at one of these locations, each of which is seemingly more bizarre than the last! While some might trigger your fear of heights or small spaces, they’d certainly be an adventure.

8 Unique Hotels You Can Stay At If You’re Tired of Basic Hotels:

1. Bubble Hotel (Attrap’ Reves) in Allauch, France

Because who hasn’t wanted to live life like “Bubble Boy?” The hotel’s website states that they have 6 transparent bubbles with panoramic views of the countryside that you can stay in, along with several packages you can choose from. The most intriguing package to me would be the constellation package, but that’s just my humble opinion.

2. Free Spirit Spheres in Vancouver Island, Canada

Free Spirit Spheres offers the opportunity to sleep in the trees in a giant sphere. Why not?

They have 3 spheres that are lovingly named Eve, Eryn, and Melody, and they’re open year-round.

3. Spitbank Fort in Portsmouth, UK

Spitbank Fort is basically a manmade island. The floating hotel has 8 rooms, a sauna and a roof deck and is considered to be a high-end, exclusive hotel.

4. Crane Hotel (Crane Hotel Faralda) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ever wanted to stay in a hotel that was actually suspended from a crane? You’re in luck!!

The Crane Hotel Faralda does exactly that. You can stay in one of their 3 suites that literally just hangs on a crane, and you can even bungee jump off the end if you want.

No thanks.

5. Crystal Hotel (Les Cols Pavellons) in Olot, Spain

This is not a hotel designed for the clumsy person. The floors are glass and the walls are made of crystal, making it a truly unique experience.

6. Natura Vive Skylodge in Cusco, Peru

Another one that makes my hands sweat just a little bit, you can actually stay in these long pods that are suspended on the side of a mountain at the Natura Vive hotel in Cusco, Peru. Of course, you have to be able to climb the side of the mountain to get to it.

7. Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California

Because who hasn’t wanted to sleep in a giant human birds nest? You get an incredible view of the ocean while sleeping in a hut made out of twigs.

8. Ice Hotel (Hotel De Glace) in Quebec City, Canada

I like to be cold when I sleep, but this kind of takes it to a whole new level! At the ice hotel in Quebec City, Canada, you stay in what is essentially your very own igloo. They have 44 rooms made entirely of ice and snow, as well as an ice chapel.