Aaron Watson Discussing The Blessings of Trials On The “Jesus Calling” Podcast Is Worth A Listen

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Aaron Watson is more than a great musician. He sees his life as a ministry to serve God and love others. That didn’t come from easy living, but the difficulty of trials and life’s struggles. Through the hard times, he learned that God’s love doesn’t go out of style, His Word is true, and that no matter what happens God loves you.

“The world needs to know that even in their suffering and their loss, that God is still there with them,” says Watson. “We have hope because of Jesus. That is what has gotten us through the hard times.”

Watson talks about everything from his father’s work ethic, his marriage, and music each of which have been refined through trial.

Towards the end of the interview, Watson discusses the death of his daughter, Julia.

“I struggle with it. I struggle with it. I ask why, I ask why. It’s OK to ask why, but the fact of the situation is that this is the life that we live in. We want to think that everything is easy and it’s good, but it’s not. Why did Jesus come to earth? He came because of the heartache and the suffering.

He gives us hope that there’s something better beyond this life, and that’s heaven, and that’s eternity with Him. That is what has gotten us through the hard times, is the hope. We have hope because of Jesus, and we know that we’re going to see our little girl again someday in heaven.”

You can check out the whole episode here.