University Of Alabama Student Has To Wear a Christmas Tree Costume For the Rest of The Semester Because of Retweets

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Never let social media dictate your life. Sure, it feels nice when a post is liked or retweeted, but left unchecked, that endorphin rush can lead you to funny places. Just look at University of Alabama student Kelsey Hall: she promised to wear a Christmas tree costume to every class for the remainder of her semester if she was retweeted one thousand times. Much to her surprise, she got 33,000.

First of all, that costume is amazing. She should wear that everyday just to model its splendor. Second, one thousand retweets is very low. If you paid Facebook $0.25, they could boost your post to one thousand people. You, at least have to say the same number of the student body at your University. Alabama has 37,000 students. If she had picked that number, she would still be safe.

But, alas.

She realized her error

Before the end of the night, she found her biggest regret in life.

But, by golly, she did it.

In fact, she is still doing it.

This is a Grade A+ pun


So if you are in Tuscaloosa, look around. You just might see a Christmas tree walking around campus.

Next week is finals, so you still have some time to catch her.