PGA Champion Jordan Spieth Played Golf With President Obama And Confirmed Aliens Are Real


Get out your foil hats and chem-trail theories because PGA champ Jordan Spieth just dropped a conspiracy theory bombshell. While playing golf with former President Obama, Spieth asked for some insight to the oval office. What part of the job was unexpected that he had to learn on the fly. His answer covered the responsibility of the role to Americans and the world blah blah blah, but he ended with this nugget, “You’ll never guess what the aliens look like.” Then he winked and walked away.

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The actual story here is that President Obama is one heck of a golfer with a killer short game. But the conversation got me thinking: is there a better job than former President? You still get a ton of Presidential perks but have none of the responsibility. You don’t have to worry about the political rat race, but people still hang on your every word. You’d have top be crazy to want to be President, but man, the post-White House life would be pretty great.