Twitter Just Announced The Most Popular Tweets Of 2017 And Trump Didn’t Even Make The List


Twitter just announced their annual data, which is generally uninteresting unless you love data and analytics but included the list of the most liked and retweeted tweets of the year. Interestingly enough, Twitter’s most talked about person, Donald Trump did not even crack the top ten while his political rival made multiple appearances.

President Trump, despite his overwhelming presence on Twitter can’t hold a candle to Barack Obama when it comes to likes and retweets. Obama appears three times on the “Most Retweeted of 2017” list and has the #1 and #3 most liked tweets of the year.

But the top spot went to a kid trying to get a lifetime supply of Wendy’s nuggets. And that, in a nutshell, is the internet.

10. This tweet about suicide prevention

9. Detroit Lion’s punter Sam Martin and his campaign to help the dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey

8. Obama on his last day in office

7. Lebron James empassioned tweet after Stephen Curry refused to go to the White House after winning the NBA Championship

6. This tribute to Chester Bennington

5. Obama’s last Presidential tweet

4. Ariana Grande’s tweet in the wake of the terrorist bombing at her Manchester concert

This was the #2 most liked tweet of 2017

3. Penn State’s Interfraternal council’s pledge to support hurricane relief

2. Obama’s plea for peace during the violent alt-right protests in Virginia

This was also the most liked picture of the 2017 making it the most popular tweet of the year.

1. And then there’s Carter tryna get his nuggs who more than doubles the retweets of any other tweet on this list.