Brett Eldredge’s “Drunk On Your Love” Features More Than One Brett Eldredge


Brett Eldredge‘s new music video for “Drunk On Your Love” may be his best work yet. Not only is the video perfectly light-hearted and laced with clever, humorous moments, it’s beautifully shot and frames the ingenious song flawlessly.

“I had that crazy idea for ‘Lose My Mind,’ not realizing I painted myself into the corner of having to actually wear the straitjacket for the whole shoot,” Brett told People. “I wanted to do something different for ‘Drunk on Your Love’ – it’s a lighthearted, fun, feel-good song and I wanted the video to reflect that.”

The video features multiple versions of Brett all competing for a beautiful girl. The idea is brilliant and Brett’s various personas will definitely have all the girls swooning.

Image Source: YouTube