This Russian Locust Storm Is Absolutely Terrifying


Russia is currently experiencing a Biblical plague. I don’t mean that figuratively. Locusts, aka beefy grasshoppers, travel in immense swarms that devour everything in their path, decimating both crops and pastures. The footage looks like something out of an apocalypse movie.

The state of Dagestan in the south east corner of the country is currently being devoured by a plague of locusts. The creepy part of it all is that locust appear to move in unison, like they are connects by a single mind. It’s like some martian race decided to invade earth for our precious leafy greens.

On This side of the world, we worry much less about locusts, but it was not always that way. The largest recorded locust swarm in in human history took place in the American west in 1875. Rock Mountain Locust formed a swarm 1,800 miles long and 110 miles wide, equaling the combined area of New England. The insect is presumed to be on the edge of extinction.