Community Sends Their Beloved Bus Driver To The Super Bowl

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Gary Kelmer, also known as “Mr. Gary,” is a bus driver in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. But he’s not just a bus driver, he’s part of a community. Mr. Gary is so beloved by families he serves that they banded together and raised over $5,000 to send him to the Super Bowl to watch his favorite team, The Philadelphia Eagles.

Every morning, Kelmer drives the community’s children to and from school and is renowned as one of the kindest and most helpful people in the community.

So families in Mt. Laurel banded together and raised the money in less than a week for the beloved driver. And then, the neighborhood gathered together to present Kelmer with the unexpected gift. Even college-aged students who once rode Kelmer’s bus returned home for the celebration.

“He’s my favorite bus driver and he’s very, very nice,” one first grader told CBS Philly.

Kelmer himself is an ardent supporter of the community. For the past 20 years, Kelmer has hosted a fishing derby to raise money for the school district.