Carly Pearce’s Beauty Tips and Tricks are Incredibly Practical: “I Use a Conair from Walmart”


When it comes to hair, makeup and all things beauty, it’s easy to assume that your favorite stars and celebrities have expensive, outrageous beauty regimens– but that’s not Carly Pearce. In a “Spotlight Beauty” interview with the Grand Ole Opry, Carly shared that her grandmother worked for 20 years in a beauty shop, which then inspired her mom to get into hair and beauty. In fact, Carly’s mom is, to this day, the only person that cuts Carly’s hair.

“I’ve tried to go to other people, and I always go back to her and roll my eyes and say, “Okay mom, you do it better, I just had to make sure..,'” she said.

Carly says she always gets asked what brand of curling iron she uses to get her signature loose, beachy waves. Her answer?

“I use a Conair from Walmart. 1-inch barrel. Very glamorous.”

Yes, Carly Pearce is all of us.

And like any true country girl, Carly says she channels her inner Dolly Parton every time she teases her hair.

“I love dry shampoo, I tease my hair all the time. Just like Dolly, I love big hair. I have to hold it back how big I want it,” she said. “I swear to you I would have it this big if I could.”

Now THAT we’d love to see!

Her best beauty tip of all? “I never go to bed with makeup on,” she said. “No matter if I’m so tired I could die, I at least put some little wipe on my face.”