Woman Pranks Husband By Pretending To Adopt A Coyote and He Lost His Mind

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Photoshop is wonderful thing, especially if you enjoy a good prank. Kayla Eby knows this and also has habit of adopting random animals. So, when she told her husband that she adopted a “cute little dog,” which was really a coyote, he took the bait– hook, line, and sinker. All she had to do was Photoshop a few pictures and act ignorant.

It all started off slowly, but Kayla even showed her husband her source material. Risky. This prank could have died before it started. But, if this guy knows anything about dogs or cats, he could recognize that some can get comfortable quickly and maybe that’s what this pupper was doing– in the exact same position. Like, exact.

If you look closely, you can tell she cut out the coyote in the top picture and put it on the couch in the second picture. It’s a convincing job, though, enough to get her husband immediately riled up.

Husband wasted zero seconds of his life acting concerned for this abandoned dog. You have to admire his commitment to not wanting to adopt an animal.

DIVORCE. That escalated quickly. Just kidding. Nice save.

Kayla was not about to be convinced she hadn’t found a coyote. The classic whatever always works.

This second shot really sealed the deal.

Kayla’s husband proceeded to lose his mind. Especially when the coyote took a professional portrait on the man’s couch. Next to his child.

Ouch. That’s a tad personal.

“Chill your hormones” just became the “calm down” of 2017, y’all.

He’s right. Terrible name.

Then she lets him down easy