Drew Brees Shows Off His Insane Skills And Saves A Life With Dude Perfect

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Author Malcolm Gladwell claimed that a person must spend at least 10,000 hours on a skill in order to master it. Drew Brees has attempted 8,758 passes in his NFL career, 1,678 as quarterback for Purdue, and untold more in high school, practice, and for fun. It is safe to say he is a master of throwing a football. The dudes over at Dude Perfect are experts in devising and completing trick shots. So when the two recently met, Drew Brees got to put on a show, displaying his laser point accuracy and even saving a life from a runaway bowling ball.

Drew Brees is one of the most likable players in the NFL. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, enjoys having fun, and is a stand-out leader in the locker room and in his community. In short, there is nothing to dislike about this video.

His accuracy is a thing of beauty.

The man can throw a football more accurately than most people can shoot a shotgun.

That is actually insane. What’s more, he can do that in the face of angry defensive linemen. Even if you dislike Brees (Why? Better question: How?) you have to respect his skill.

The guys also had fun playing some games with Brees and Saint’s head coach Sean Payton. Come for the trick shots, stay for a hilarious game of “Speak Out.”