Woman Finds Long Lost Engagement Ring On A Carrot (And It Still Fits)

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Imagine the tragedy of losing your engagement ring after fifty years of marriage. It would be devastating. Now imagine finding that ring 13 years later. Elation, joy, jubilee! Wow, what an emotional roller coaster that was…Anyway, that is exactly what happened to 84 year-old Mary Grams whose daughter in law found the ring in the unlikeliest of places.

Gram’s daughter-in-law, Coleen Day, found the ring on a carrot she pulled from her garden. You might say it was a large karat ring…

Is it just me, or does this carrot kinda looks like it has a fake ID and is trying to sneak into a club? Apologies, I digress.

Her mother-in-law had lost the ring when pulling weeds one day and had counted it as lost forever. Once again, vegetables save the day!

Grams immediately knew the ring was hers and got it cleaned. She was surprised it still fit.