Never Forget The Time Garth Brooks Sold His Soul to The Devil in One of The Greatest Sketches of All-Time

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I have been a huge fan of “Saturday Night Live” since I was a teenager. I just so happened to get really into the show around the time that Garth Brooks hosted the show alongside cast legend Will Ferrell. When the two teamed up for a bizarre sketch called “Devil Can’t Write No Love Song” I was rolling on the floor laughing. After all these years, the sketch still holds up as on of the best examples of the show’s wacky and timeless sense of humor.

In the sketch, Brooks plays a down-on-his-luck songwriter who can neither hold down a job nor write a good song. So he does what any desperate songwriter would do: he sells his soul to the devil. The only problem is, like the title says, the Devil can’t write songs at all.

I still sing “Fred’s Got Slacks” whenever someone talks about shopping for nice pants. It’s not often that happens, but the song has stuck with me.

In the end, Garth gets a decent line to a song, but, sadly, it never joined Brooks’ catalogue.

Whoah the devil, never could write a love song/

Didn’t seem to matter how hard he tried/

Cuz the devil never has had his heart broke/

and the devil’s never cried