George Strait Is Organizing A Hurricane Relief Effort Along With “The Whole Country Music Community”


If Texas were a man, he would probably be George Strait. The man is legendary and his time isn’t anywhere near through. Many of Strait’s friends and family members were affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Rockport. He knows how those displaced and homeless feel and is not the kind of man to sit back and let someone else fix a problem. George is putting on his boots and planning a relief effort that includes every person in the country music industry.

George wrote a short message on his Facebook account with a big promise.

We are working on putting together relief efforts along with the whole country music community. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the storm. My family was personally affected along with many friends in Houston and Rockport and surrounding areas. God bless us all.

It may be a mega concert, a phone-a-thon, or maybe even a rodeo. We don’t know what the relief effort will be, but we know it won’t be small. With all of the generosity and kindness shown over the past week, we know it will also do a lot of good for a lot of hurting people.

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