Ballparks Rally to Make a Little Girl’s Dream of Throwing Out a First Pitch a Reality

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Haley Dawson is a little gal with big league dreams. Haley loves baseball but, due to a rare disease, was born without three fingers on her right hand making throwing a baseball nearly impossible. But that never stopped her from dreaming big. After receiving a specially-made 3-D printed hand Haley doesn’t just want to throw a ball, she wants to throw out the first pitch at every Major League ballpark. As of this morning, the whole league has banded together to make her dream a reality.

When you watch her story, you quickly realize that there is no stopping this girl. She doesn’t even pay attention to what many people may see as an unsurmountable obstacle.

After Bleacher Report posted the tweet, ball clubs lined up to get Haley to their stadiums.

Even college teams offered Haley a shot at taking the mound.

We can’t wait to see her achieve her goals.