Locals Band Together To Help The Animals Affected By Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has destroyed homes and displaced families across the southern coast of Texas. Officials expect the high waters to remain high over the next week as flood waters drain through the streets. The 24-hour news cycle is covering everything how humans are weathering the storm, but what happens to the native animals in storms like this?

Just as people are headed out to care for their fellow man, many naturalists, farmers, and animal workers are out rescuing their four-legged and feathered friends.

They have sheltered terrified hawks.

Driven and carried livestock to higher ground.

Rescued drowning bats (which you will need many of with all of the mosquitos that will be hatching soon).

Rescued and cared for abandoned babies.

But the rising waters have also brought out nastier animals that we typically avoid.

As tempting as it may be, don’t mess with a raft of fire ants or any other nearby wild animal. Most of them will be afraid and, therefore, dangerous. They probably don’t know you are there to help. Alert professionals if you find an animal in need.

Keep praying fro those affected by the storm. We also highly encourage you give to organizations helping with the relief effort.