Good Boy Otis Hit The Streets During Hurricane Harvey To Find His 5 Year-Old Owner


As hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc across the southern coast of Texas, Texans banded together to help one another. They jumped into the water to rescue children, friends, and strangers stranded by the rising waters. They opened their homes to those in need and cared for everyone who needed it. One dog, a good boy named Otis, took matters into his own paws and hit the streets with a bag of dog food in tow.

Otis, a German shepherd mix, escaped from a screened-in back porch in Sinton, Texas. Salvador Segovia, 65, was watching the dog, who belongs to his 5-year-old grandson Carter.

Segovia went to check on Otis Saturday morning and soon realized that both the dog and his food were gone. He frantically drove around his neighborhood until he found Otis who, he assumes, was heading out to find Carter whom he has comforted through seizures and hospital visits due to asthma.

Despite what many people online assumed, Otis was not an opportunistic stray, but a prepared caretaker.

According to Segovia, Otis is a well known wanderer. He told the Houston Chronicle, “Otis can go to Dairy Queen and he can get a hamburger. He’s the only dog allowed to lie down in front of the county court house. He also goes to H.E.B. He’s not a stray. He’s a good dog.

What did we ever do to deserve dogs?