How to Look 10 Years Younger, Instantly


Some things tend to get better with age. Whiskey, cheese, and Dierks Bentley come to mind first. However, most women don’t feel this way about their skin and hair and want them to look as young as possible.

To help you with the never-ending quest for the fountain of youth, we put together a few tips on how to create a younger appearance.

1. Luminize

Our skin tends to dull as we age. That’s why skin that glows looks younger. Using a creamy luminizer or highlighter on the bridge of your nose and tops of the cheekbones will instantly add a youthful appearance to your skin.

2. Soften Your Brows

Once you get older, a highly arched brow can start to look somewhat severe. Soften the arch and fill your brows with a brow pencil that is a shade lighter than your hair color.

3. Ditch the Glitter

Steer clear of anything that is frosty or sparkly. They don’t make you look younger, they actually accentuate fine lines. Opt for a matte or dewy finish that will leave a polished look.

4. Go Warmer

Get warmer highlights around your face to promote a youthful appearance. Honey, golden tones will complement your complexion and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Choose Brown Over Black

Black can make your eyes appear smaller, so instead choose browns or plums when it comes to liners and mascara.

6. Update Your Makeup

Go with creams over powders as they will blend seamlessly without ending up looking caked on.

7. Go Lighter

When it comes to hair, lighter is better. Dark hair will show off all your wrinkles and lines especially those around your eyes. Just don’t get carried away! Go no more than two shades lighter than your natural color to keep things looking natural. (You can add warmer highlights as we said in #4!)

8. Fall in Love With Gloss

No, not lip gloss, but hair gloss! This is one of the easiest ways to amp up your shine factor and keep your looking lustrous and younger.

9. Don’t Let Your Roots Show

Keep up your roots by getting them touched up every four weeks. Once the grays start showing it will definitely age you. Don’t think you have to go to the salon for this, there are several at-home kits that work well too.

Photo Credit: Big Stock