Jennifer Lawrence Climbing Over Chairs in a Gown While Holding a Glass of Wine is the Greatest Oscar Moment of All-Time



It’s been quite a run for Jennifer Lawrence over the last few days. She’s been drunk on multiple TV shows, premiered a new movie, met a couple of Real Housewives and attended the Oscars as a famous person and not a nominee.

Since J. Law was attending the 90th Annual Academy Awards as a presenter, she got to sit next to BFF Emma Stone, but before that she pulled off one of the greatest Oscar moves of all-time. Right before the ceremony started, Jennifer needed to get to her seat, so what did she do? She climbed over the first row of seats and into hers– while holding a glass of wine. That’s just a pro move.


J. Law also went to town on the red carpet with her poses.


And, when Jimmy Kimmel made fun of the “La La Land” Best Picture mix-up, as the camera cut to Emma, J. Law visibly laughed at her and pointed her out to the audience.

No one had a better night than Jennifer Lawrence. No one.