Joe Buck Brags He Once Called A Touchdown While Going To The Bathroom In A Trashcan

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Joe Buck is a wildly successful sportscaster. He calls just about any sport you can watch on TV. The only thing that matches his success is how much he is disliked. Green Bay fans started a petition to get Joe banned from the NFL. Cubs fans can’t stand him. He jokes about getting his job because of his father, which is not a great move. This is the guy who paralyzed his vocal chords due to a hair plug addiction. This is the guy who claims the greatest asset of a sportscaster is a good bladder then talks about the time had to call a touchdown on live TV while using the bathroom in a trashcan. Seriously.

Oh, Joe, what are you doing?

People already think your job is easy, so maybe you shouldn’t talk about how you need two guys to tell you how long a pass was, or how you had someone hold a trashcan so you could pee while calling an NFL game.

You just keep doing you, Joe, hair plugs, bathroom stories and all.