“We’re Almost French Kissing”: Kristen Bell Likes Lizards A Little Too Much


Some people can handle any animal and be fine. Some of us see a lizard and lose out minds from fear. Mila Kunis is the latter while Kristen Bell seems totally cool with getting up close and personal with reptiles. Kathryn Hahn? Eh, she’s fine with whatever.

The stars of “A Bad Moms Christmas” played a classic Halloween game in which you have to put you hands into a box and guess what is inside. But instead of guts (cold spaghetti) or grapes (eyeballs) they grabbed live animals. So, of course, the reactions were priceless.

Mila was afraid

Kristen was curious

Also, Mila screaming “KIRSTEN” is you anytime you see your friend about to hook up with someone they totally shouldn’t/

And Kathryn got ham