Hero Who Saved 30 People During Las Vegas Shooting Reunites With The Police Officer Who Saved His Life


Jonathan Smith does not think of himself as a hero. Despite helping thirty people to safety in Las Vegas, returning again and again to an area sprayed by bullets, he says he just did what anyone else would have done. Smith was eventually shot in the arm and the neck and was himself saved by Tom McGrath, a police officer from San Diego. The two reunited over the phone on CNN in a touching, emotional segment that honored the selfless heroes of the Las Vegas shooting.

When asked if he was a hero, Smith said, “Everyone’s been using that word — ‘hero’. I’ve been saying it since the whole time I got home: I’m not a hero, I’m far from a hero. I think I just did what anybody would do.”

“Was it smart? Probably not,” said Smith, who still has a bullet in his neck. “But if I was in their shoes, I would want someone to come back and help me.”

Smith was, in fact, put in those shoes when he was shot twice. Officer McGrath, who saved Smith’s life, then joined him on the air to honor his bravery.

“What he did was extraordinary,” McGrath said. “It took tremendous courage. He’s somebody who inspires me. I know he might not want to give himself all the credit, but he definitely did a wonderful job, and I was just happy to be there to help him towards the end, and get him out of there when he was hit.”

Smith went on to call McGrath his “brother.”

“I owe that man my life because from the moment I got hit, he was the first one to actually help me stop the bleeding. He never left my side at all…I kept telling him ‘I don’t want to die,’ and he said ‘You’re not going to die, I got you.'”